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Posted by TheAOks - June 4th, 2010

Hey gang, check out RE: Bellion, our newest track on our myspace at http://www.myspace.com/theaoksrok! It's featured on our new CD, Words Are Not For Eating, which comes out June 17th. If you're in the Denver area, join us at Moe's BBQ for our CD release party with No Bueno, Eastern Turkish, and Hand Cannon. 21+ get in free with a comp ticket. Otherwise, admission is just five bucks!

If you're not in the Denver area, you can get the CD at our online store @ http://aoksswag.bigcartel.com/

Awwwwwh yeah!

Posted by TheAOks - December 26th, 2009

What's up, gang? We're The A-Oks from Denver Colorado. We emerged from the rubble of a self-hating punk scene about two years ago to pull no punches on the underground music culture. We believe in community ethic and the exposure of musicians, painters, drawers, dancers, animators, and any artists who are willing to work hard enough for what they do and love.

We're looking for a flash animator to make something with one of our songs from our fresh release of The Paper Bag LP. You can check out all four tracks on Newgrounds or purevolume.com/theaoks. If its something you're in to, we'd love for you to make soemthing for us. We're not looking for anything in particular concept-wise so you could probably make a video of two cats fucking for two minutes and we'd probably think it was pretty funny (but please don't actually do that...) We'd really like a cartoon music video and what better place to look than Newgrounds?

Anyone willing to do it for free? Awesome. If not, we can discuss commission but keep in mind we're broke punk kids, not Walt Fucking Disney. Also, if you're looking for money, you'd better be an adequate animator or we'll just ignore you.

Other benefits to making us a little something? Shit, man, everyone needs a little more experience. Plus, we'd put the video on our myspace, include it in our presskits we send to record labels and music big-wigs, and generally tote it around like it was our newborn baby. And we'll promote the shit out of you. We're very good at scratching the backs of those who scratch ours. Its crazy how many bands want goofy animated music videos, we could get you a lot of work.

So, please private message me if you're interested and we can get this gravy train rolling!