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2010-06-04 13:41:01 by TheAOks

Hey gang, check out RE: Bellion, our newest track on our myspace at! It's featured on our new CD, Words Are Not For Eating, which comes out June 17th. If you're in the Denver area, join us at Moe's BBQ for our CD release party with No Bueno, Eastern Turkish, and Hand Cannon. 21+ get in free with a comp ticket. Otherwise, admission is just five bucks!

If you're not in the Denver area, you can get the CD at our online store @

Awwwwwh yeah!


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2010-07-03 23:04:59

You guys have some pretty awesome music.
In your song comments in the Audio Portal, you guys have the wrong link. You put (AOsk) instead of (AOks).
You guys should put your MySpace page as your website so people can just click that for convenience.


2010-07-03 23:09:19

Oh, and I dunno if it's intentional or not, but in your profile picture here with the panda, you have Japanese writing %u30A2%u30AA%u30AB%u30B5(aokasa)... which doesn't really sound like "A-OKs". %u30A8%u30FC%u30AA%u30FC%u30B1%u30FC%
u30BA or %u30A8%u30A4%u30AA%u30A6%u30B1%u30A4%
u30BA (eioukeizu) would sound more like "A-OKs".

TheAOks responds:

Hey Danny, our graphic designer had the idea to use the Japanese alphabet without any prior knowledge of how Japanese vowel sounds work or anything. I corrected him but we decided to keep it any way as a kind of "stupid American" joke.